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Resident Spotlight: Charles Lee

by Erica Ross and Catherine Alford

We first met Charles Lee about four months ago. He is now a good friend, who goes by the name of "Billy". Billy was born in Starke, Florida and is an expert on cabbage growing from his years of tending to his family's cabbage patch. He was able to inform us about the different breeds of cabbage. Billy loves to be around people and spends most of his time wheeling through the halls or chatting in the common areas with others. His warm and energetic presence is always felt on the fourth floor of Gainesville Health Care Center.

Billy loves festivities and holidays when the nursing home decorates and hosts parties. Though he is not a big bingo player, he enjoys observing the others play. Billy is especially fond of music and loves to dance and clap along. He attributes his love for music to his parents. When he was a boy, his mom played the violin and his dad played the guitar and Billy loved to dance.

On our weekly visits, he always greets us with smiles and hugs. He once told us that he doesn't put sugar in his coffee because he is already sweet enough; he's beginning to convince us that this is true! Billy is such a joy to be around and we are thankful to have met such a special friend.

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Home > Friendship Stories > Resident Spotlight: Charles Lee


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