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Resident Spotlight: Betty Edenfield and Ruth Hovland

by Gretchen Grigsby

Gretchen and her friend Dianne Walsh are Betty and Ruth's Friends Across the Ages. (pictured from left to right, Dianne, Betty, Ruth, and Gretchen)

This year my friend Dianne and I
Joined Friends Across the Ages
It's run by Steve and Allison
But for youth, they could be sages

Matching up the residents
With Volunteers who care,
FATA creates new friends
True happiness is there.

Once a week like clockwork,
We climb into our car
And drive out to Palm Garden,
Which isn't very far

There we visit 107
To chat with our new friends;
We speak of many things we share,
Too soon our chatter ends.

Our friends are Ruth and Betty,
Two very different gals.
They fit together very well
In fact, I'd say they're pals.

Betty is now 84
St. Augustine was home;
She loved her little house so much
She never thought to roam.

A fall, however, made it clear
That she would need more aid,
So with her cheerful attitude
A change of place was made.

Ruth was from Wisconsin
She is 92.
She has a lovely daughter,
And a handsome grandson too!!

She's quiet but quite friendly
At first she was quite still.
And we, two noisy, chatty girls
Feared that she might be ill.

But soon we grew to know her,
She speaks of family dear.
So many things she grew to share
She learned she need not fear.

So Dianne and I feel happy
As Wednesday rolls around;
To spend an hour with Betty and Ruth
Two fine, new friends we've found.

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Home > Friendship Stories > Resident Spotlight: Betty Edenfield and Ruth Hovland


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