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The days of our lives seem to fly by. Every day we look back in the evening and wonder where the day went. But for some, days pass slower than is imaginable. Their days are spent hoping someone will come visit.

The percent of our population in long-term care facilities is growing every year. With more and more single-parent families, or with both parents working, it is not possible to keep our elderly at home any more.

The elderly we serve:

  • Are mainly aged 80 to 100

  • Are often on medicaid (care for the indigent) and have no family members living in town.

  • Represent all ethnic and religious backgrounds.

Our volunteers commit to visit their friend at least once a week. What goes on during a typical visit? To learn more about some of the volunteers who participate in the Friends Across the Ages program, click on any of the links below:

Resident Spotlight: Charles Lee

Resident Spotlight: Betty Edenfield and Ruth Hovland

Resident Spotlight: Florence Fisher

Volunteer Spotlight: Agnes

In Memory of Annie Mae

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