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Jul 1, 2014

Nursing Home News--July 2014

This is the July 2013 newsletter of Friends Across the Ages nursing home outreach


We were saddened to learn of the recent death of one of our volunteers, Winton “Skip” Williams. Skip volunteered at Woodlands Health Care Center, faithfully visiting his resident friend there, for the past three years. He was a veteran of the Navy, and a retired professor from the University of Florida’s College of Law; he taught there from 1969-2003. He also served on the Board of Directors of Campus USA Credit Union for over 40 years.

When describing his reasons for wanting to volunteer with Friends Across the Ages, he said this: “I like people, and, as I grow older, I think I could relate well to older people. I feel that there is a real need to help nursing home residents, especially those with few friends and relatives, realize that there are people who want to know them and share their experiences.

Skip was a wonderful volunteer, and an amazing person. We will miss him. To read more about him and learn more about his fascinating life, you can find his obituary here.


On a happier note, we would like to offer our most heartfelt congratulations to Elsie Jenkins, for winning the “Miss Senior Gainesville” beauty pageant last month. Elsie is a resident at Signature Health Care, and is a favorite friend of all of our volunteers there. In fact, Kim Mitchell, who with her husband Andrew coordinates our volunteer group at Signature, went so far as to say that Elsie is one reason we have such a vibrant group of volunteers at Signature, because Elsie insists on greeting all the new volunteers and always hugs and kisses them and tells them to come back. Her vibrant personality came through in the pageant, especially during the talent portion when she danced to the new “Wiggle” song. Elsie said she “felt like Miss America” when she won.

To see the GTN story about Elsie’s big win, click here. And to see a couple of pictures of Elsie, check them out on our facebook page.


Wednesday, July 2nd, 10:30 – 11:30 AM – “Storytellers’ Society” at ParklandsThese monthly group gatherings are a wonderful way to share, reminisce, and truly get to know the residents at Parklands Nursing and Rehab.

Wednesday, July 9th, 10:30 – 11:30 AM – Casino Time at Parklands A monthly event at Parklands Nursing and Rehab – Come help deal blackjack and poker for the residents (who play for prizes), or just help cheer them on!


Thursday, July 24th, 2:30-3:30 PM -- Birthday celebration Help us wish a happy birthday to all residents of Parklands Nursing and Rehab with birthdays in July. Meet us in the dining room where we will have singing and cake. Volunteers are needed to help gather the residents together, serve the cake, sing, clean up, etc.  Do you play an instrument or have some other talent?  We are always looking for new entertainment for the party – let us know!



Please see the above list for locations of the various events.  Directions to all the nursing homes can be found at:

Events are open to everyone (children are welcome at most events, please inquire). Please contact us and let us know if you plan to attend one of these events so that our coordinators can be on the lookout for you. Please call (352) 381-1117 or email


This is the July 2014 newsletter of Friends Across the Ages Nursing Home Volunteer Network.
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